A Corporate and Sovereign Credit Ratings Agency

Rating Services

We provide ratings for two most important entity types : Companies & Sovereigns as listed here.

Type of Credit Rating Type of Entity or Issuer
Stock Exchange Listed or Publicly Traded Companies Unlisted or Large Private Companies Small, Medium & Micro Private Companies Sovereigns & Government Agencies
Long Term Rating **
Long Term Rating with RACCP® Report
Short Term Rating **
Private  Rating
Scrutiny of Existing Rating or  RACCP® Report
Special Project or IPO Rating
Unsolicited Rating **

Denotes this rating is available.

RACCP® is an additional certification in terms of Risk Analysis of each Critical Control Point for an issuer entity. You can also obtain just RACCP report for your company to assess what affects your credit risk most.

** We publish only three types of ratings Long Term, Short Term or Unsolicited Rating for Listed companies or sovereigns only.

We provide public, publishable and distributable credit ratings in countries where we are authorised and have obtained a licence to operate otherwise it will be a private rating. We will confirm this before we provide any rating. We aim to operate in 50 countries worldwide in the next five years.