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Welcome to Strategic Ratings

This section explains why we have founded this company, what our plans are, how we can help all companies, investors and industry stakeholders by providing our services and what our strengths and standards are which make us distinctive in what we do.

Strategic Ratings is an international credit ratings agency. A main aim of our agency is to enable the credit ratings industry to increase its overall credibility by providing ratings services on the bases of Accuracy, Precision, Neutrality, Innovation and Independence. We provide credit ratings with reliable and unbiased view so that our services itself become a hallmark of reputation. We felt that at the end of the day, one has to take responsibility to set the example, to make things right and to provide a direction setting. Combined with our professional industry experience, we are determined to be thorough with our standards of independence, governance and transparency from the outset.

Global FinTech Tender Opportunity


Tenders are invited to source global equity partners for
Strategic Ratings: A Corporate & Sovereign Credit Ratings Agency.
Tender Document
Tender is available in GBP £75 (Non-refundable) at:
Tender Submission Process
Tenders received with all supporting documents & earnest money deposit
GBP £7,000 (Full-refundable)
will be processed on a monthly basis until the final contracts are awarded.
Information for requesting a pre-bid meeting
with Strategic Ratings is available in the tender document.
Tenderer’s Eligibility
Your firm’s turnover in the last 5 years must be GBP £50 million p.a. Companies which submitted Tender previously for the same are not eligible.