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Welcome to
Strategic Ratings and CEO24X7 Limited.

This section explains why we have founded this company, what our plans are, how we can help all companies, investors and industry stakeholders by providing our services and what our strengths and standards are which make us distinctive in what we do.

Strategic Ratings is an international credit ratings agency. A main aim of our agency is to enable the credit ratings industry to increase its overall credibility by providing ratings services on the bases of Accuracy, Precision, Neutrality, Innovation and Independence. We provide credit ratings with reliable and unbiased view so that our services itself become a hallmark of reputation. We felt that at the end of the day, one has to take responsibility to set the example, to make things right and to provide a direction setting. Combined with our professional industry experience, we are determined to be thorough with our standards of independence, governance and transparency from the outset.

In the aftermath of a global credit crisis, a question of the role and creditworthiness of credit ratings agencies came to the fore and many laws and regulations have been designed ‘to rate the rater’. At the same time, credit ratings agencies and issuer companies have been facing two major problems: (i) an administrative issue of pricing and (ii) a quality issue of ‘what should we actually measure?’ and ‘how to derive?’ a rating. We aim to solve both these issues by being transparent and competitive with our fee structure, and providing ratings utilising proprietary methods which are continually developed, new and unique. To increase the quality of services we provide, we limit ourselves to delivering credit ratings only for companies and sovereigns since their ratings are of vital importance to most investors and global economy.

Strategic Ratings is a registered corporation in USA and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company CEO24X7 Limited, UK. Similarly, Strategic Ratings in other countries when available will be subsidiaries of CEO24X7 Limited, UK. This corporate structure of parent–subsidiary enables us to maintain quality, independence and objectivity of services. The operational plan includes a global strategic ratings platform and Strategic Ratings USA will act as a pivotal agency and a global delivery hub. Having a single online platform, clients are able to register worldwide with Strategic Ratings USA and we manage the services bought from us. Our major offerings include:

We are proud of establishing and developing Strategic Ratings: A Corporate & Sovereign Credit Ratings Agency that all types of companies, sovereigns, investors, regulators and industry stakeholders can rely upon for years to come. We aim to be a globally operating credit ratings agency in 50 countries by December 2027 as part of our operational plan. Our efforts and your support are the most vital ingredients to achieving this growth and expansion.

My team and I can assure you of our commitment to provide the best services in the credit ratings domain and to make Strategic Ratings the definition of quality and excellence.

Yours truly,

Dr Vishvesh Pathak
Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder