Introductory Prices

Strategic Ratings gets fee from corporates, sovereigns, or third parties who procure credit ratings for a corporate, a sovereign, a project or a specific issue. Management at Strategic Ratings ensures that ratings committee members or analysts are not involved in front-end clients’ presentations or marketing, selling, quoting or pricing or deciding fees of any credit rating.

Our fees are based on the type of rating, complexity involved and factors such as data, scale, surveillance, team efforts and resources needed to deliver credit ratings and type and amount of debt issuance being rated. All credit ratings are issued only after a contract is signed between either issuer or third-party procuring credit rating and Strategic Ratings. Strategic Ratings does not receive any fee for publishing unsolicited credit ratings on the portal or in the public domain. Strategic ratings may receive extra fees for specific time bound or special expert assessment requests from clients.

Accuracy, precision, neutrality, innovativeness and independence of our credit ratings are unbiased all the time which increases reliability and validity of our credit ratings.

Our Basic Fee Principle

"We start thinking where others stop…

We stop charging where others start…"

Introductory Prices

  • We offer 5% discount for ‘3 years contract’ to procure credit ratings from Strategic Ratings.

Bulk Buying/ Long Term Contracts

Corporate Credit Ratings for Stock Exchange Listed Companies

  • Up to 4.95 basis points for most ratings
  • Minimum fee US $ 89,000 for most credit ratings

Corporate Credit Ratings for Micro, Small and Medium Private Companies

Sovereign Credit Ratings

Special Issues / Capital Projects / Initial Public Offering (IPO) Ratings

  • Up to 5.25 basis points for most ratings
  • Minimum fee US $ 95,000 for most credit ratings


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