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We provide ratings only for two most important entities: Corporates & Sovereigns.*

Issuer Credit Ratings

These credit ratings are for publicly traded and stock exchange listed companies. We can provide both short term and long term ratings. Our rating scale ranges on 1 to 10 score which can be compared with other scales prevalent in the industry such as AAA to D or other symbolic notations.

We provide this as an opinion about creditworthiness of a company’s equity and debt both along with a detailed Risks Analysis and Critical Control Points™ (RACCP™) report outlining where the company stands on the investment benchmarking measures. Depending upon the client requirement these corporate credit ratings can be public, distributed or private (confidential). The common buyer audience for these ratings are all capital and stock market participants who would like to know about any company or a portfolio of companies.

These credit ratings are multi-usage and allows one to make strategic choices about investments, ventures or acquisitions with information from a perspective which is completely different and not available from other agencies.

To increase predictive accuracy, quality and reliability of our credit ratings, we collect enumerate information about companies and from their management with more than 100s of data points and engage into stepwise statistical testing with the utmost precision and neutrality involving both quantitative and qualitative analyses of data continually.

We offer 3 products in this category:

  • Corporate Credit Ratings – Short Term
  • Corporate Credit Ratings – Long Term
  • Corporate Credit Ratings plus – Long Term with RACCP™
Sovereign Credit Ratings

These are the credit ratings of countries (sovereigns) which not only reveals their creditworthiness but also the overall economic outlook. We assess the attractiveness of a country, their environment and overall risk and stability for foreign direct investments whether it is by another country, company or an individual investor.

Since geo-political changes are persistent and remote political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) forces shape the decision making of government heads, we constantly monitor these variations in order to put the sovereign ratings always on watch unless otherwise stated differently. Our services include the analysis of markets, prices, budgets, debt levels, finances, tax, per capita resources, jobs, unemployment, gross domestic production, defence expenditure and capabilities, exchange rate, currency pressure and strength, stock market volatility, governance, transparency, bi-lateral relations, political stability, business environment and other indicators before we derive a temporary rating for a sovereign. A ratings’ committee reviews the derived temporary rating to issue a final credit rating for a sovereign.

We offer 3 products in this category:

  • Sovereign Credit Ratings – Short Term
  • Sovereign Credit Ratings – Long Term
  • Sovereign Credit Ratings plus – Long Term with RACCP™
Private Ratings

Both corporate and sovereign ratings can be issued as private ratings. These private ratings are not published or distributed by us or the buyer of these ratings. Such confidential ratings are required by individual and institutional investors to estimate counterparty risks irrespective of whether a company or sovereign is already rated or unrated. Since these ratings are issued confidentially and without engaging the company being rated, we rely on our basic methodology and the maximum possible publicly available information.

Corporates and sovereigns also procure such private ratings when they want to assess and compare ratings already issued to them by another agency and they need to evaluate an existing ratings by an independent and reliable agency. In such cases, these are issuer credit ratings and we have access to information from the respective management of an entity.

We can provide all our ratings products as Private Ratings which are covered here in our product segments.

Corporate Reputation Ratings (CRR)

These ratings measure the reputation of entities using an in-depth analysis of a set of attributes including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Such ratings are typically required by corporations and government funds before they invest in these companies. Our CRR and CRR plus ratings enable decision makers to determine the risk and return affected by impacts of variables embedded into these ratings.

These ratings can be obtained either as public or private ratings depending on the client requirements for publishing, distributing and soliciting reputation ratings. For example, some sovereign wealth funds seek these ratings as a pre-requisite to further discussion with management boards of corporates pertaining to significant investments.

We offer 2 products in this category:

  • CRR – a cross-sectional view or a snapshot analysis at a point of time of company’s reputation
  • CRR plus – a longitudinal view of company’s overall reputation

This is our ingenious and pioneering service which is under development. It is another patent pending tool which will be launched soon. Therefore, please keep an eye on this space…!

There will be only one product in this category which will be an annual rating subscription available for corporates.

Scrutinizing Credit Rating

These credit ratings are issued for currently rated entities wherein either a third party or an entity itself would like to analyse their existing credit ratings. This is a private ratings service intended for comparison and scrutiny of an existing rating given by another agency.

We offer 2 products in this category:

  • Corporate credit rating scrutiny – An entity’s existing rating for company, an issue, a subsidiary or a turnkey project is analysed and assessed
  • Sovereign credit rating scrutiny – A detailed review of sovereign’s existing rating
Credit Recommendations

These assessments of creditworthiness of any corporate or sovereign entity are issued as ‘recommendations’ rather than defined as ‘credit ratings’. This allows them to be published repetitively and as a guidance. They are detailed and given more as an analysis to extract and to explain rather than to conclude as a single number or symbol. This was one of the oldest forms of ‘ratings’ when the credit ratings industry was first launched in the 19th century.

These recommendations are for guidance and hence they can be published and distributed, solicited or unsolicited, in the form of a performance scale for any entity and their equity or debt can be graded in terms of a buy, hold or sell.

We offer 5 products in this category.

  • Credit Assessment and Recommendations for Corporates or their Subsidiaries
  • Credit Assessment and Recommendations for Turnkey Projects of Corporates
  • Credit Assessment and Recommendations for Special Issues from Corporates
  • Credit Assessment and Recommendations for M&A Deals of Corporates
  • Credit Assessment and Recommendations for Sovereigns
  • Credit Assessment and Recommendations for Special Issues from Sovereigns

* We can provide public, publishable and distributable credit ratings only in countries where we are authorised and have obtained a licence to operate otherwise it will be a private rating. We will confirm this before we provide any rating product. We intend to operate in 50 countries worldwide by 2027.

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